Man takes gas can from porch, puts gas in tank, returns can

Man takes gas can from porch, puts gas in tank, returns can

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - A Longview woman reported to police that gasoline was stolen from her front porch in July, a single gallon, taken from a gas can.

At first glance a man caught on video looks like he's just visiting a home.
Ti'ler Barnes came home from work on July 10 and immediately noticed something was out of place on her front porch.

'I actually laughed about it at first because I couldn't believe that someone actually pulled up in my driveway and came to my porch and got my gas can," she says.

The man who apparently had a female accomplice, takes only a gas can from the front porch, and puts it in his gas tank.

After draining the gas can the suspect actually brought it back to the front porch, unaware he was on camera.

"Once I looked at the camera I saw that the used the gas and had the nerve to bring it right back," Ti'ler says.

Disturbing to Ti'ler, she says she's never had anything stolen before.

"This is a first. It made me very upset just because it was just a gallon which is $2.60.  How the gas prices are already and somebody has the nerve to steal? It was my gas out of my gas can," Barnes says.

Her bar-b-que pit was also on the front porch, but untouched. Neighbors say there had been other thefts in the area.

Barnes says she may leave something different on her front porch from now on.

"I may put sugar water in the gas can in case they come again," she says.

Longview police told us that the theft falls into the category of a class 'C' theft.The suspect has not been identified yet.

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