Mother of woman missing since 2006: 'I'm not giving up on her'

Family and law enforcement continue efforts to solve the disappearance of Brandi Wells

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - August 2 marks 12 years since the mysterious disappearance of an East Texas woman.

On August 2, 2006, Brandi Wells left a Longview area nightclub and was never seen again.

In spite of numerous efforts by investigators and family members, no clues have ever been found as to what happened to her. Wells' disappearance left almost no clues for investigators, and numerous calls for public help haven't developed any leads that panned out.

"There hasn't been any new information that has arisen since that time," says Lieutenant Shane McCarter of the Longview police.

Her vehicle was found abandoned days after her appearance, on I-20, with all her belongings in it. But there was no trace of Brandi.

Where Brandi went, and how the vehicle got there, is still unknown.

"Those are pieces that we still don't have," McCarter says.

From flyers to organized searches, Wells' family has done everything they can to keep Brandi's disappearance at the forefront of public awareness.

"I have pictures of her all over my bedroom so I can see her every morning when I wake up. And she's the last thing I see at night because that's the only way I get to see my daughter anymore," says Brandi's mother Ellen Tant.

"We do have video documentation of her entering the club on August 2, and then leaving on the morning of the third," McCarter says.

"After seven years you're allowed to declare someone dead. I don't know that she is, so I'm not going to do that to her, because I'm not going to give up on her," Tant says.

Police need that one person who knows what happened to Brandi Wells when she walked out of those doors 12 years ago.

"Any of our missing persons cases always remain open. We always know in every case that somebody knows something," says McCarter.

It is important to note that remains of an unidentified female found in 2006 near Kilgore were tested for DNA and dental records and Gregg County Sheriff's Office says it is not Brandi Wells.

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