Elkhart gas leak contained, officials say 'no danger to public'

ELKHART, TX (KLTV) - According to officials, the gas leak has been contained and all roadways have been reopened in Elkhart.

The Anderson County Sheriff's Office had reported a gas leak near the 400 block of U.S. 287 in Elkhart. Anderson County Office of Emergency Management stated the leak was reported at about noon.

According to the Outside Supervisor of the City of Elkhart B.J. Perry, a city crew was working to repair a water line when they accidentally ruptured the gas line next to it. Thankfully, a representative from CenterPoint was already at the scene and crews made quick work of repairing it.

Perry reported  U.S. 294 East and U.S. 287 South are now reopened after they were blocked off due to the leak. The Anderson County Office of Emergency Management stated the leak was contained and roadways were reopened at about 2:19 p.m. They also said nearby residences were called and informed of the leak.

Perry also stated that there was a "voluntary evacuation" however at this time there is no threat to the public and residents can return their homes.

Crews are still at the scene finishing up minor repairs.

According to Alejandra Diaz, a spokesperson for Centerpoint Energy, the lead was a result of "third-party damage."

The Elkhart Volunteer Fire Department and the Slocum Volunteer Fire Department responded to the scene.

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