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East Texas roadwork for the week of July 30

Released by the Texas Department of Transportation: 

TYLER, TX – TxDOT is planning to conduct the following construction and maintenance work throughout the district durinthWeeoJul302018Schedules are subjecto changdutweather conditionsequipmenfailure or otheunforeseeissues. Slodowand pay attentiowhen traveling througwork zones.

Motorists are encouraged to avoid Interstate 20 at SH 64 on Sunday in Van Zandt County as Oncor and its contractor perform work that requires brief closures of I-20. Oncor will conduct five rolling traffic stops between 6:30 a.m. and noon, which will slow traffic down and possibly stop it to allow new electric wires to be run across all lanes of I-20. Each of the stops will impede traffic for about 15 minutes. The work will shut down all traffic in both the eastbound and westbound directions of travel as well as the frontage roads between SH 64 and FM 859. Work is expected to conclude by 12 p.m.

Summer seal coaoperations continuithTyleDistrictMotorists shoulexpect lane closureandelaysduring thiworto seaanprotect roadways frowater, anprovide a longelife cycleBecause thtime tocompletwork oeach roadwaiestimatedthese schedules are subjecto change.

Upcominwork iafollowiAndersoCounty:

-        Sat., Mon., July 28, 30: US 287 frothFreestone Countline to FM 2706

-        Tues.Jul31F321 from west of FM 645, northeast to US 287

-        Wed., Thurs., Aug 1,2SH 19 from F321, south to US 287  

-        Fri.Sat., Aug. 3,4: SH 155 from FM 2267 at Pert, south to Palestine City limits

AndersoCount– Edge repair work is ongoing on S294 moving to between Slocum and FM 228, and on FM 2022 between Slocum and the Houston County line. Expect lane closurewitflaggers managintraffic control.

Anderson County construction projects updates:


·       LimitsFrom 1.6 milesouthwesoLoo256 iPalestine souttthTrinity River

·       ContractorLongvieBridganRoadLtd.oLongview

·       Cost: $42.7 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSummer 2018

Closeouactivities are being conducted othiproject to expand a 5.3-mile sectiooUS 7frotwlaneto afour-landividehighwawith a continuouleft-turlanand a depressed median.

SH 19 Widening Project

·       LimitsFrom 3.6 miles N oF837 (HendersoColine) south t.4 mile N oF32aMontalba

·       ContractorBiCreeConstructiooHewitt

·       Cost: $12.5 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSumme2018

Hot mipavinoperations start soon. Expect lanes closures daily anwatch foturnintructraffic. Thproject iswideninthe roadwawith thadditioof shoulders anpassing lanes. Thposted speed limii55 mph.


·       Limits1.5 mileeast of F257t.5 milepast UPROverpass

·       ContractorDrewery ConstructioCompanyInc.oNacogdoches

·       Cost: $1.6 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSeptember 2018

The southbound right shouldeis closefoplacemenof concrete traffibarriers across thbridgto facilitateworothbridge raianMetaBeaGuard FenceThe southbound shoulder is eliminated. The speed limithas been reducet6 mph on this project that includes, cleaninanpainting steel girders, bridge rail replacementand a concretoverlaothexistinbridgdeck.

CherokeCounty – Homix bladoverlay operations continue oF74betweeU84 anU79Expectlane closurewitflaggerproviding traffic control.

CherokeCounty constructioprojectupdates:

U6Widening through Wells

·       LimitsFrom 2 milenortoF124iWellssoutt0.9 miles soutoF1247

·       ContractorLongvieBridganRoadLtd.oLongview

·       Cost: $17.6 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSummer 2019

The contractor continues to conduct earthwork, curb and gutter, and block sod on the west side of the roadway. Thproject iwideninU69 througWellfrotwlanes tfoulanewitnew curb angutteand a two-walefturn lane througtownThere are minimaimpacts otrafficThspeelimihas been reduceothenorthern enothe projecuntiwork is completed.

GregCounty – Base repair operations continue on SH 135 from south of the Traffic Circle to the Rusk County line. The concrete paving will be removed and the roadway resurfaced. Expect lane closurewitflaggers managintraffic control.

GregCounty constructioprojectupdates:

S300/GilmeRoad Overlay

·       LimitsU8 tF2275/GeorgRicheRoad

·       ContractorMaddeContractinCompany, LLC

·       Cost: $6.6 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateEnoSummer 2018

Alternating nighttime lane closures can be expected from US 80 to Loop 281, Sunday through Thursday nights. Work will be conducted from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., starting Sunday. The project includes placing a hot mix overlay and installing new pavement markings on the roadway from US 80 to FM 2275/George Richey Road.

I-20 EastbounLaneOverlay

·       Limits.5 milewest oS13t.5 milewest oS31

  • ContractorMaddeContractinCo.LLC
  • Cost: $2.5 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2018

The entrance ramp to I-20 eastbound from SH 135 will be closed on Tuesday for construction. The project consists of milling and overlaying the I-20 eastbound lanes and installing Metal Beam Guard Fence. Expect lane closures and delays.

S13Kilgore Overlay

·       LimitsFroNortof TraffiCircle iKilgore to .5 milenortoS31

·       ContractorMaddeContractinCompany, LLC

·       Cost: $2.4 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateEnoSummer 2018

Thproject iiPhasII constructiowitonlanonlfor southbound traffithroughouthproject limitsBridgeraiwork ibeing conducteothwest sidothe roaothiproject toverlaS13frojust nortotheKilgore Circltjust nortoS3intersectionMotorists shoulexpect delays. Worincludehot mioverlay,nepavement markings, nebridge raianneMetaBeaGuard Fence.


·       LimitsLoo48tLockePlanRoad

·       ContractorLongvieBridganRoad

·       Cost: $3.5 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSummer 2018

Phase II construction continuewith the roadway reducetonlanotravefor botwestbounand eastboundtrafficWorcontinueon storm sewer, curb angutteranflex-base othnorth sidothe roadwayThprojectconsistowideninU8 tfouthrouglanewith a lefturn lanfroLoo48tLockePlant Road.


·       LimitsFroU8 tShofneDrive

·       ContractorLongvieBridganRoadLtd.oLongview

·       Cost: $4.5 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSumme2018

Expect singllane closureathe contractor conductworothiprojectTraffiiiitfinalane configuration ineach directionThprojecincludewideninthe roadway, installinstordraingrading anbase work, curb andgutter, raised medians, surface, signs anpavement markings.

S14at SabinRiver

·       LimitsFrom S32tapproximatelonhalf-milnortothSabinRiveBridge

·       ContractorGibsoanAssociates

·       Cost: $3.1 million

·       Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2018

Traffic is in the normal configuration with two lanes flowing in each direction. Expect alternating lane closures daily as the contractor continues work on the project. The project includes constructing new rails and sidewalk on the bridge, increasing its load carrying capacity, and installing new guardrail on I-20.

HendersoCounty – Hot mix operations are planned for BU 31E between FM 2495 and Loop 7. Base repairs and ditch maintenance will be conducted on FM 315 north of Chandler as well as various locations south of Chandler.  Expect lane closurewitflaggers providing traffic controat allocations.

HendersoCounty constructioprojects updates:


·       LimitsFrom F3204 E t.5 mileWest oF31iChandler

·       ContractorBiCreeConstructiooHewitt

·       Cost: $2.million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateFal2018

Milaninlay operations are underway along with Metal Beam Guard Fence installation. Motorists should expect daily and nightly lane closures. Expect turning construction traffic exiting and merging into traffic. Thproject consistobase repairs, milaninlay, seal coating, surface hot mixMetaBeaGuard Fence upgradesantheinstallatioof signs anpavement markings.


·       LimitsS33from CedaCreeReservoiBridgteast oS198S19froKaufman CountLinto soutof CedaCreeReservoir Bridge - cement sectiononly

·       ContractorStripinTechnologyLP

  • Cost: $153,363.00

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSummer 2018

Work continues to remove old striping and short line and to replace stobarand cross walkon thiprojecinthGuBarreCitareaThwork includewateblast removaotholthermos-striping, buttonand shorline(stobarsyielbars, arrows, wordageetc.)Once tholstripinis removedthe roadwaywilbe restripewithpainfirstthewitthermo-stripeThinstallatioonebuttonand shorlinwilfollowSignagnotifying motoristothiprojechavbeeinstallealonthprojeclimitand variouothelocations.


·       LimitsF161South t.3 miles soutoCooCreek

·       ContractorA.LHelmcamp

·       Cost: 4.9 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSprin2019

The contractois working on the northbound side of the roadway stripping topsoil and performing dirt work to add the shoulders. The contractor has started cementreating subgradfothe shouldewideninothnorthboundsidof the roadwayExpecdaily lane closures. The speelimihas been reduced t6 mpfothduratioothe projecwhich consistoaddin1-foot shoulders obotthnorthbounand southbountravelanes.

U17WideninProject (Phase I)

·       LimitsFrom 0.1 milSoF80neaBaxteSt1.1 miles E oLoo60aLarue

·       ContractorA.LHelmcampIncanBiCreeConstruction

·       Cost: $39.2 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSeptember 2018

Hot mipaving and seal coat operations continuothwestbounlanefroBaxtetone mileast oLarue.Watch for truckentering and exiting thwork zone. Expect brief delays in construction areas around county roads 4710, 4712, 4713, 4719, and 4720 as well as Loop 60. Thspeelimiis 55 mpon thiproject texpandU17frotwlanes to a four-lane dividehighwawith a depressed median.

U17WideninProject (Phase II(Notice of Project Completion)

·       LimitsFrom 1.1 miles E oLoo60aLarut.85 mile E oF31aPoynor

·       ContractorSundConstructionInc.oSaAntonio

·       Cost: $37.8 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSummer 2018

This project has been completed. It expanded a 4.7-mile stretch of U17frotwlanes to a four-lanedivided highway with a depressed median.

U17WideninProject (Phase III) iAndersoCounty

·       LimitsFrom 0.85 mile E oF31iPoynoSt.5 milNoS15aFrankston

·       ContractorA.LHelmcampInc.

·       Cost: $27.6 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateOctobe2019

Traffiiothwestbounlaneaaundividehighway runnineast/west awork is conducted in the eastboundlanesThe contractoiworking in the two southern most lanes from ElSttCemetery Road to install drive pipe and box culvertsInstallation necessitates clearing/grubbing, demolishing existing culverts, anexcavationThe contractor is pouring wing walls and headwalls for the culverts closest to Elm St. SW3P items are continuously installed on this project that is expanding US 175 from two lanes to a four-lane divided highway with a depressed median.  

RusCounty  Edge maintenance is planned for SH 42 from F85 to FM 2012. Starting Thursday, August 2, mill and inlay operations will be implemented on SH 322 from FM 850 to FM 2011. Delays can be expected during work on SH 322. Expect lane closurewitflaggers and a pilot car providing traffic control at both locations.

US 259 NB Overlay

  • Limits: From US 79 in Henderson to Jarrell Creek (2.8 miles north of FM 1798)
  • Contractor: Madden Contracting Company, LLC
  • Cost: $5.2 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: October 2018

Expect alternating lane closures as the contractor lays hot mix in the US 259 northbound lanes only. The project includes milling, applying a hot mix overlay, and installing new pavement markings on the roadway. Expect delays!

Smith County  Profiling operations are set for FM 346. On Monday, work will be conducted between FM 2493 and FM 2868; Tuesday, work moves to the FM 346 intersection at FM 756. Expect lane closurewitflaggersprovidintraffic control. For the remainder of the week, routine maintenance   will be performed at various locations around the county.

SmitCounty constructioprojectupdates:

LegacTrails – HikanBikTraiDevelopment

·       LimitsWest TrailThreLakePkwtF2813East TrailThreLakPkwtCumberlanRd

·       ContractorReynolds & Kay LTD.

·       Cost: $4.6 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDate:  Sprin2019

No lane closures are planned as the contractor continues sidewalk construction along the East Trail between Princedale and Cumberland Road. The project consists of constructing 4.4 miles of hike and bike trails in Southwest Tyler. It includes the construction of parking lots, driveways, landscaping, pedestrian ramps, crosswalks and drainage structures along the 10-foot wide hike and bike trails.

Spu248 WideninProject

·       LimitsFrom 1.75 milewest oF848/OlOmeRoagoineastS64 southeasoTyler

·       ContractorLonestaEquipmenCompanyInc.

·       Cost: $8.6 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSumme2018

Daily lane closures are possible athe contractor lays hot mix and places striping. The speelimii55 mphduring constructiotwideSpu24frotwlanes to a four-landivided roadwawith a flush median.

Turn LaneProject

·       LimitsVarious locations throughouTyler

·       ContractorLonestaEquipmenCompanyInc.

·       Cost: $2.4 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateFall 2018

Work continueto construct righturn laneoGrandBoulevard at Old JacksonvillHighwayExpect daytime laneclosurefrom 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. during work to construct curb and gutter and ramps. Work is expected to be completed in August and then move to Cumberland Road. Thproject is removinthe existing mediantextendthturn lanes anadding righturn lanetvariouintersectioniTyler. WorlocationincludU69,CumberlanRoadIndependenceSoutDonnybrookRiceSoutTowanwrauaGrandanF2493.


·       LimitsF34aPrairiCreek, soutoLake Tyler

·       ContractorStatelinConstructionLLC

·       Cost: $2 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSprin2019

The contractois performinearthwork operationothbridgapproaches. The speed limithrougthe work zonehabeen reduced t45 mphThproject is replacing thexistinbridgwith a wideone.

C356 & C23BridgReplacemenProject

·       LimitsC35aSimpsoCreek, easoWinonaC23aMuCreek

·       ContractorStatelinConstructionLLC

·       Cost: $80,000.00

·       AnticipateCompletioDate: Sprin2019

The contractor will place bridge beams at both locations. Thprojecis replacing thexistinbridgewitwiderones.


·       LimitsFrom F346souttthCherokeCounty Line

·       ContractorDrewery ConstructioCoInc.

·       Cost: $3.6 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateFal2018

The contractowilbperforminmill and inlay operationothe mainlaneiBullard neaF34utilizindailylane closures. Thproject consistopavemenrepaianplacing a nePermeablFrictioCourse (PFC)surface.

I-20 Ramp Improvement Project (New Project)

  • Limits: From US 69 to Jim Hogg Road
  • Contractor: Longview Bridge and Road, Ltd.
  • Cost: $14.8 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date: Summer 2020

The contractor will be placing concrete traffic barrier on I-20 using daily lane closures and clearing right of way. The project consists of ramp improvements and construction of frontage roads.

FM 849 Bridge Replacement Project (Notice of Project Completion)

  • Limits: FM 849 at I-20
  • Contractor: Longview Bridge & Road, Ltd., of Longview
  • Cost: $4.6 million
  • Anticipated Completion Date:  Spring 2018

The contractor continues to establish vegetation and perform final cleanup activities. No lane closures are planned. This is an emergency bridge replacement project consisting of removing the existing steel and concrete structure and replacing it with a new 4-span reinforced concrete structure. Work also includes the widening of the bridge approaches and improvements to the I-20 ramps.

VaZandCounty  Base repairs will be conducted on the I-20 Service Roads between Mile Markers 515 and 517. Cross structure maintenance is planned on I-20 at Mile Marker 529 and on SH 19 north of Canton. Lane closures are possible.

VaZandCounty constructioprojectupdates:


·       LimitsFroF1tF858

·       Contractor: BiCreeConstructioof HewittTX

·       Cost$9.6 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateDecembe2019

Work is underway to extend cross culverts and install driveway pipe. Expect daily lane closures. The speed limit has been reduced to 60 and 50 mph along the limits. The project consists of grading, structure work, striping, sign upgrades, and widening the roadway with the addition of shoulders and passing lanes in each direction.

I-20 WestbounExiRamp aF31RelocatioProject

·       LimitsFrom F31WExiRamp anFrontagRoad

·       ContractorLongvieBridganRoadLtd.oLongview

·       Cost: $4.6 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSumme2018

Finacleanuactivities continue othiprojecthat consistoreconstructing thfrontage roaanbuilding a newexit ram1.13 mileeasoF314.

I-20 Safety Work

·       LimitsFrom KaufmaCountLingoineast tS19, etc.

·       ContractorFNConstructionLLC

·       Cost: $2.4 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateFal2018

The contractois removinaninstallinMetaBeaGuard Fence anconcrete mow strialonF8inHendersoCounty. Expect lane closurewith a pilot car providintrafficontrol.


·       LimitsFrom S19east tS6iCanton

·       ContractorLongvieBridganRoad

·       Cost: $6.2 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSummer 2018

Structure, roawideningandrivewaworkiongoinothnorth sidothe roadMinodelays cabe expectedThproject iwideninthe roadwafrotwtfour lanewith a flush median, curb angutterand storm drain.


·       LimitsFroI-2 tthVaZandt/Henderson Countline

·       ContractorA.LHelmcampInc.oBuffalo

  • Cost: $11.9 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateSumme2018

Cleanuactivities are being conducted froI-2 tS64Expect lane closures and minodelays.


·       LimitsFrom F31eastward tS19

·       ContractorLongvieBridganRoadLtd.oLongview

·       Cost: $5.8 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateFal2018

The contractor continues roadway rehabilitatioanwideninwork. Base preparation work is underway. Expectdelaywith a pilovehiclanflaggers controllintraffic.


·       Limits: From FM 17 to FM 1255

·       Contractor: Highway 19 Construction, LLC

·       Cost: $4.5 million

·       Anticipated Completion Date: Fall 2018

Rehabilitation and widening work is being conducted on a two-mile section on the south end of the roadway. Pavement base preparation is ongoing on this project that is widening the existing roadway and includes structure work. Expect lane closures with flaggers providing traffic control.


·       LimitsS6near BeWheeler, southwest tF85aMartiMills

·       ContractorDrewery ConstructioCompanyInc.oNacogdoches

·       Cost: $3.9 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateFal2018

The contractor is working to finish grading of road and ditches with prime coating possible in some areas. The projectconsistof rehabbinanwideninthe roadwayExpect lane closureandelaywitflaggers providintrafficcontrol.


·       LimitsFrom S1tF2339

·       ContractorA.LHelmcampoBuffalo, TX

·       Cost: $2.4 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateFal2018

Current work includes applying a seal coat and placing rock rip-rap. A temporary traffic signalin conjunctiowith a pilot cariprovidintraffic controothiprojecthat consistof rehabilitatinandwideninthexisting roadwayExpect delays!


·       LimitsC182aUPR.1 miles S oU8 tSoGranSaline

·       ContractorLongvieBridganRoadLtd.

·       Cost: $1.5 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateFal2018

Traffic rail work and grading are underwayC182is closettraffiathe railroacrossinfothdurationof construction.

County RoaBridgReplacemenProject

·       LimitsC341aGiladoCreek, C19aMilCreeReliefCR 214aCaneCreek

·       Contractor: B & E ConstructionInc.

  • Cost$94,8.

·       AnticipateCompletioDateDecembe218

Thiproject consistothe replacemenothree county roabridgeiVaZandt CountyWorisunderwaothe C190BridgaMilCreeReliewhiciclosefothduratioof construction.


·       LimitsIntersectiooFM 1anFM 314

·       Contractor: ReynoldanKayLTD.

·       Cost$497,.

  • Anticipated Completion Date: October 2018

This project consists of paving and drainage improvements at the intersection. Traffic shift is in place with no lane closures anticipated. Periodic delays are possible.

WooCounty  Pavemenlevelinis planned on F14 along with ditch maintenance oF1643Expect laneclosurewitflaggers providing traffic control.

WooCounty constructioprojectupdates:

S182etc.Safety TreatinProject

·       LimitsVarious Roads - Currenwork oF182 from F17 to SH 154

·       ContractorHighway 1ConstructionLLC.

·       Cost: $1.2 million

·       AnticipateCompletioDateFall 2018

The contractois conducting structure andrivewawork oS182. Expect singllane closureand minor delayswitflaggers providintraffic controlWoralso continueothF49 cross structures. Expect minodelaydueto periodic single lane closurewitflaggers providintraffic control.

I-20 Total MaintenancContract

·       LimitsGreggSmitanVaZandt counties

·       ContractorFiremeExcavation

Routine maintenance activitieare ongoinoI-2 with movinoperationthroughouthweek:

-             DebriRemovalMonday on thoutsidlanthrougalthree counties

-             DebriRemovalTuesday and Thursday on the insidlane througalthree counties

-             Debris Removal: Wednesday on the service roads

-             Guardrail RepairsTuesday anWednesdathrougalthree counties

-             Sign MaintenanceTuesday and Wednesdaialthree counties

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