Evacuee Enjoying Work As An East Texas Teacher

We first met Sheri and her family a day after Katrina hit when they arrived in Tyler to stay with relatives. Three weeks ago to this day, she's found the job that will help get her life back on track.

"The first day that I walked into the classroom here at T.K. Gorman it was almost like the most comfortable feeling I've ever felt walking into a school," says Sheri. For Gorman Sheri was a perfect hire. She's is a certified teacher and also taught at a catholic school in New Orleans.

"Are you guys almost finished with your packet?," Sheri asks a 6th grade class. Today Sheri fills-in to teach Gorman's Fine Arts Exploratory Class. She's also gotten a taste of high school football in East Texas, just two weeks into the job.

"I mean when we go to high school events in New Orleans there's no reserved seats you just sit wherever. And then the green seats in the green section [at the T.K. Gorman football games], I was like whoa, this is serious!" Despite the warm welcome Sheri gets at the school, the reality is that her home in New Orleans is in ruins and she's on the internet getting updates everyday. "All back here there was a small storage shed, that's not there," says Sheri looking at a map on the internet that pinpoints her home. Just as escaping Katrina has been a family affair so has starting a new life here in Tyler. Three of Sheri's cousins are now students at Gorman. Her husband was also hired to sub at the school. Little did Sheri know her family would keep growing with the welcome she's received at Gorman. "T.K. Gorman has really taken us in as if we were their own. And we are n

Sheri and her family anticipate staying in Tyler for at least a year. She says New Orleans is and always will be home, so she hopes to return there permanently.

Christine Nelson, reporting. cnelson@kltv.com