Nursing Home Residents Competed In East Texas Senior Games

Residents from 14 different East Texas nursing homes came out to The Oil Palace in Tyler on Tuesday for a little competition. It's part of the 2005 East Texas Senior Games for one woman it was a time to show off one of her many talents.

The energy at The Oil Palace was high, and nerves were racing before the Ballroom Dancing Competition. Nan holmes is 73-years-old. She suffers from Alzheimer Disease. There are things she forgets, like how to get dressed or eat her food, but she never forgets how to dance.

"She and my Dad used to dance and go out in the evening and dance around here," said Cindi White, Nan's daughter.

"My Dad was in the navy and they were stationed in Hawaii," said Sharon Carver, Nan's other daughter. "They would go to the USO dances and stuff when they first got married, so they did all the swing dancing and all that, so she has a background in dancing." To make sure Nan never forgets her first place dancing performance, her daughters videotaped it.

"I started crying when she was dancing," said Sharon. "I said my children, I told them their grandmother was dancing today, so we videotaped her, so we can show them she's in it." The look on Nan's face, is unforgettable.

More than 200 people competed in the senior games. Some of the other events were the spelling bee, wheelchair races and the dominoes tournament.

Molly Reuter, reporting.