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9/19/05-Smith County

More Than 100 Bags Of Litter Off East Texas Roads

"When we put it all in the bags and put it right here it really made a mountain didn't it," says Detective Sergeant Danny Brasher. But the pile of trash he's talking about is no laughing matter to Brasher, who commissioned 60 community service workers to pick up litter scattered along American Legion Road, Seven Hills Road and Morningside Drive in Smith County. "It was probably a week to two weeks worth of litter," says Brasher. 148 bags make up the pile of garbage. The majority of the trash is household items. But even dead animals were seen strewn on the side of the road. An eye opener for the community service workers involved.
"It's turned the tide for them. They told me they'll never do this again and they'll start getting the word around how bad this is and they want it stopped also," says Brasher. Even nearby residents were pleasantly surprised by the litter sweep.
During our interview a motorist stopped to tell Brasher he's glad to see it all gone. "It's terrible," says the motorist. "I see dogs dumped along here all the time." Brasher replies, "Well we're trying our best to make some headway on it so let us know.""It looks really good there not a spec of trash over there. Yeah it needed it," says Virgil Campbell who saw workers picking up the trash Saturday. But some of the trash will end up being Brasher's treasure like license plates and mail, evidence he'll use to find the person responsible; potentially paying them a visit to let them know when it comes to littering don't mess with Texas.
Brasher says he did not find any hazardous material. He does plan on doing more organized litter clean-ups in the future.

Christine Nelson reporting.

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