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Firms Presents Audit To Smith County Commissioners

Smith County Commissioners looked at ways to save money by making improvements to county buildings.  Johnson Controls was hired by the County to look for ways to cut costs. They spent the past several months studying county buildings looking for places that could be improved.

In their report today, a company representative told commissioners of the need to replace or repair air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems. The project would cost $3.8 million.

County Judge, Becky Dempsy, says the plan has an eight-year payout. "The infrastructure improvements that will be made are projected to pay for themselves. The amount of money that is expended by the county to make the infrastructure improvements will be paid for in the energy savings in the long run," said Dempsey.

Johnson Controls also suggested making security improvements. The project is expected to save the county about $5 million over a ten-year period. Commissioners are expected to vote on the plan next Monday.

Oralia Ortega reporting,

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