Texas Army Guard Needing Recruits

Military actions around the world, and now disaster relief duties have stretched the Texas Army National Guard to the limit.

2,000 Texas Army National Guardsmen are currently deployed on important missions around the world, and closer to home in Louisiana.

That deployment has seriously depleted the Texas' National Guard numbers.

According to Staff Sgt. Matt Rifley, "we have missions going on in Europe right now. We have a mission leaving for Egypt, we have soldiers overseas in the middle East and of course we're dealing with Hurricane Katrina right now which is the biggest focus that we have."

But Hurricane Katrina has revealed a desperate need in the ranks.

"With the missions that we have a lot of soldiers doing a lot of things but when Katrina hit we realized that we were under strength for a lot of jobs our medical field we need emt's. We needs a lot of them in this area."

At any given time there are around 500 guardsmen in East Texas, now there are only a handful.

The Texas Army guards says, if you every thought about serving your country, doing anything to better yourself like supporting or protecting your neighbors or just do something that makes a difference or change in someone's life now is the time.

They may only do a part time job in a uniform but the Guard needs more people who can help them, help others.

Bob Hallmark, reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com