American Dream Inn owner reacts to 'suspicious' fire

American Dream Inn owner reacts to 'suspicious' fire

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Fire investigators in Longview now consider a motel to be "suspicious".

Firefighters got the call around 6 am on July 13 that someone could see flames inside the American Dream Inn on East Marshall Avenue.

Greg Jones has only owned the property that the inn sits on for two weeks; now one of the units is nothing but burned debris.

"We bought it, it was vacated right before we purchased it, and upon purchasing it, we gated it off for construction, potentially demolition," says Jones.

Jones says the idea was to bring new life to an area of Highway 259 that's become run down in recent years.

Being so close to I-20, he says it's a major corridor for commercial business and logistics.

"We have interest down the road," says Jones. "A couple of duplexes down the road that were completed two years ago, and we'd like to see more development and more gentrification in this area."

Jones says now his plans could be put on pause, while an investigation into what caused the fire gets underway. He adds that no matter what caused it, he's leaving the matter to the proper authority.

"There had been some folks who lived here for years, even though it's a motel, and there has been some interest from some of those people walking around," says Jones. "I guess this is home to them, but I don't have any reason to place any blame in that regard, at this point I'm going to leave it to the fire chief."

The building was empty at the time, and no one was hurt. Jones says he's still deciding what will become of the property.

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