Tyler Builders Try To Build Two Houses In Two Hours

Builders from all over Tyler came together this morning to practice for a world record attempt. It's called 2-hour house and it's just that. Building two houses in just two hours. It took place in theWellington Place addition off Highway 64 West, across from the Tyler Pounds Regional Airport.

"I'm on the trim crew," said Ben Stovall of Tyler Cabinet and Trim. "We're going to be doing base boards, hanging all the doors."  Brian Conaway is the President of the Tyler Builders Association. He says it all started when he attended a time management seminar.

"They showed a video of San Diego doing this, so I watched that and brought it back," said Conaway. "I thought it would be a great project for all the contractors in Tyler and a project that would bring the whole community together." It did just that. Both teams, the black team and the red team, were ready to go early this morning, but like so many times, there was a construction delay.

"Ok guys, we're starting at 9:30 a.m. now," said Conaway. But when the workers got started, they got going fast. The black team didn't last too long, however. That's because there was a bit of a mix-up with the mixing of the concrete.

"The concrete was a little too fast," said Conaway. "It kinda set up before we got it out of the truck, but we'll get it taken care of and transit mix has done an awesome job." Conaway says that's why they had a practice run and says he's confident in two weeks they will break the record.

The red team did not finish their house in two hours, but builders say it went well. There are still tickets available to see the main event, which takes place Saturday, October 1st. Tickets are available at the Home Builders Association. All four houses will be sold, and the money will go towards several different charities.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com