ETX Life Scout surpasses goals, makes 400 'blessing bags' for Tyler campers

Blessing Bags

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas Life Scout is working toward earning his Eagle Scout rank and impacting the Tyler community along the way.

In June, Garret Byrd was seeking donations to make "blessing bags" for young campers at the Glass Recreation Center.

He filled the bags with snacks, fun activities, and daily essentials.

On July 11, Byrd handed out those bags, and he was able to collect enough donations to meet his goal and make 400 while also having money left over to purchase additional supplies needed for the camp.

"A huge thank you to everybody who helped because I definitely could not have done this by myself," says Byrd. "We raised around maybe $4,200, I didn't even think we could make it to $3,600 just to fill the bags up."

Completing the task puts Byrd one step closer to earning his Eagle Scout rank.

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