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BET: Complicated border crisis calls for compassion

(SOURCE: KTRE News Staff) (SOURCE: KTRE News Staff)

The crisis at the southern border of the U.S., much of which is in Texas, is very complicated. Over the past two months, an average of more than one-thousand arrests have been made every day of people allegedly seeking asylum.  Many of these include children and some of these are only children. They are coming from countries south of Mexico. 

So, if you are seeking asylum in the U.S., there is a procedure that you must follow and part of that is confirming who you are and who those in your family are.  Until recently, the Trump administration had a zero-tolerance policy on how these people were processed, and that included separating the adults from the children.

You have probably seen these images. Some  have been used politically to motivate politicians and others to revolt.But ultimately, Congress has the power to change the law, or even to revise current laws and establish a different procedure.  My prediction is that they won’t be able to come up with a plan.  But until one is devised or while this crisis is still happening, there is a big band-aid that will keep groups – presumably families – together. 

We need to welcome those who are truly seeking political asylum, it is as close to the immigration of our country’s founders’ plight as we have seen, but they must be processed and legitimately vetted. 

We have seen what only nineteen terrorists can do once they are on our soil and security must be a priority.  So, to congress and others with influence, stop using these people as political pawns and get a compassionate solution that respects our borders.

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