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Better East Texas: Better, thanks to those who serve

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If you grew up in the 1960’s and '70’s you remember the welcome home (or lack thereof) that our veterans received when they returned from serving our country. It was a crime and a sad commentary about some people back then. 

Thankfully, we have grown to appreciate the sacrifice our veterans have made, and coming off of Independence Day, it is great to be able to continue to highlight our veterans' service.  Thankfully, we now honor our veterans before professional sporting events – football, baseball, basketball and others.  But it is great to see more. 

Recently, two stories have emerged that are a testimony to a veteran-honoring culture. First is the creation of the Veterans Memorial Highway between Kilgore and Longview.  Now this is existing Highway 31.  But recently, Gregg County Commissioners approved the naming and designation and now signs will soon be go up.   

We are also reminded that we have current veterans and servicemen and women among us.  We recently aired a story about four siblings in Nacogdoches – four sisters no less – that have become the first set of four siblings to graduate from any service academy in the nation – the first ever.  So, the Duke sisters have graduated from West Point.  First in the nation, but little surprise they are form East Texas.  It is great to live in an area that sees the need for service and then honors that service.  Thanks to all who have given and served.  You make it a Better East Texas.

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