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Longview Residents Debate Contest Future

  Longview residents are debating the future of a popular contest after the tragic death of a contestant on Thursday. The Hands On A Hardbody has become a bit of a local tradition, but local residents wonder if it will ever be the same, or if it should ever be held again.

  "I think it should continue not this year but in future years, because you shouldn't penalize everybody else for one persons actions" says Longview resident April Thompson. 

  Three time hardbody contestant tommy heardon has always enjoyed the spirit of the contest but.

   "You'd hate to see it end over this but theres the other side to consider, i can't help but think no matter what happens it'll probably diminish the fun of it or it'll always be in the back of your mind maybe" says former hardbody contestant Tommy Hearndon.

   Others think if it does return, there should be some immediate changes.

      "If they elect to have it in the future they ought to do a little better screening" said Longview resident Waymon Strong.

      We also asked people about this years contestants, who spent 48 hours with their hands on the prize,  should they get something for their time in the contest?

   "I'd give them something for compensation, because they did go that long and its not their fault" said Thompson.

   "Well they're all sting standing how you gonna be fair about it, you can't just select one and say I'm gonna give them the truck, all the rest of them had just as fair a chance to win" said Strong.

     "The obvious reality of it is it would be very hard to come up with anything that's going to please 17 people" Hearndon said.

    In our KLTV.com online poll, 62 percent of you said you did want the contest to continue. 38 percent said they think it should stop. That poll is still on our homepage.

So far, there have been no announcements from Patterson on the future of the competition. They'll also have to decide, how to handle the remaining contestants, who had held their hands on the prize for 48 hours before yesterday's shooting.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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