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Brandon Belt's teammates go on social media crusade to get him the final all-star spot

Source: Giant's Twitter Source: Giant's Twitter

By the late afternoon on Wednesday we should know if Hudson's Brandon Belt has made the 2018 All-Star game.

The San Francisco Giants star did not get in on the fan vote despite having a .393 on base percentage which is 11th best in the majors and leading his team in home runs with 13.

The team is going on the offensive on social media, doing everything from changing their twitter handle to #BelttheBallot to having teammates get involved in getting fans to vote for Brandon in the Final Vote Ballot. Yesterday Derek Holland and Hunter Pence got together and did their best wrestling promo. While it probably wont get them a job with the WWE, the pair did a pretty good job at hyping up the former Hudson hornet.

Before Tuesday's game, the Giants made sure fans knew what their mission was.

The videos have not stopped with the Ballot Brothers. Other teammates are getting in on the action.

Belt has even taken up the fun and told fans he would consider doing something special if he gets voted in.

Other sports franchises have even shown their support in this social media crusade.

Belt knows he is popular in all of this and wanted to make sure he gave back to the fans.

Fans wanting to vote for the final spot have until 3pm on Wednesday to get the vote in. You can vote here.

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