Smith County renews contract to lease military grade equipment

Smith County renews contract to lease military grade equipment

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The Smith County Sheriff's Office is seeking out a new command vehicle.

The command vehicle would be supplied to the county through the Law Enforcement Support Office program. The federal program allows local law enforcement to receive new or gently used items apart of the military surplus.

In the past, the county has received a SWAT mine-resistant vehicle and night-vision goggles. Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith says this year the office is hoping to find a command trailer through the program that will be used for long-term operations.

"It's beneficial for law enforcement because those are things we would never be able to purchase on our own, you can't put a dollar amount on that vehicle," says Smith. "So it's very beneficial to our personnel, that we put in harm's way, out there to give them the tools to do their job with."

Smith says the county must sign an agreement to be a part of the program annually.

On July 10, Smith County Commissioners approved the application and agreement for the next year.

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