Tyler Police Department helps end card skimming in Texas

Tyler Police Department helps end card skimming in Texas

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Tyler police arrested 30 people last year and recovered more than 130 card skimming devices from gas pumps in Tyler and Smith County. 
Due to their success, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton invited local investigators to Austin.

"Part of it was just talking about the trends that we saw here in East Texas," Detective Jeff Roberts said. "Our suspect groups were mainly based out of Houston and Florida area; they were traveling to Tyler basically like a victim city I guess you could say in East Texas in general."

Listening to the Tyler officers were the Texas Department of Public Safety, the banking industry, state legislators, and gas station owners. The focus for everyone is to protect consumers and companies from the crime.

"Then we just kind of went through best practices for the banks and fuel industry. What we're really trying to do is get buy in from everybody involved especially from the fuel industry," Sergeant Adam Colby said.

Roberts said one problem when prosecuting the crime comes from jurisdictional issues. Criminals often cross county or state lines.

"When we're investigating stuff in Tyler it leads us to other counties then you run into other district attorneys' offices and just some hoops and hurdles that we have to go through," he said.

Smith County Assistant District Attorney Jacob Putman shared Smith County's policy on card skimming- if found guilty, you will do time.

So far this year, no card skimmers have been found in Tyler.

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