Longview's Fast Bash promotes peace and local music

Longview's Fast Bash promotes peace and local music

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - It's fast, and it's a bash. Longview's first Fast Bash kicked off July 7 at Teague Park in Longview. KLTV spoke with promoters who say the free concert is all about promoting local talent and building unity.

Marneitha Reesee Scott lives in Longview and decided it was time for the artists of East Texas to meet.

"Getting them to network together, to take away some of the walls that they have built so they learn how to respect each other and actually take away some of the violence because a lot of the artists express their thoughts and their anger or whatever through their music. So I'm trying to create a platform so they can come together so maybe we can kind of eliminate some of the negative stuff in Longview and start creating some positive minded young people," Reese Scott said.

And there were plenty of artists on hand to share their music like Longview's Raven "Raedo" McAlister.

"We're just showing East Texas has artists out here that perform their music, and we're all coming together and it's just a good time for everybody. We all need to network because a lot of people don't know about each other but it's not just for Longview, it's for East Texas period," Raedo said.

And by East Texas period she means those who came to perform and those who came to listen like Iris Brown.

"People, the city, coming together, I guess trying to stop the violence and stuff. Everybody's just coming out to have a good time," Brown stated.

"Well I think it's a good event because we have a lot of stuff for different people out here, we have stuff for the kids we have Trucker's Cafe," Raedo revealed.

And the purpose of the bash is to bring everyone together peacefully.

"We're going to have the Longview Police Department riding through so security is enforced so no one has to be afraid of anything going on. We have a lot of like-minded individuals that are really tired of the violence. We just want to go forward," Reese Scott stated.

"Instead of resorting to gun violence, let's put the guns down. Let's come together and let's try to get this together and go forward as a whole and bring in some of them lost young people out there and let them see that there is positive stuff out there going on instead of indulging in something negative," Rees Scott added.

Reese-Scott says this is not a one-time show. She plans on making it an annual event in Longview.

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