Rusk County deputy, resident receive minor burns after fireworks aimed at law enforcement

A Rusk County deputy and resident receive minor burns after fireworks aimed at law enforcement

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - A Rusk County Sheriff's deputy and a bystander are recovering from minor injuries after being shot at with fireworks.

The remnants of the Fourth of July celebration still line the corner of Webster and Robertson in Henderson.

"You know, they do like every year, people shooting fireworks at each other having fun," resident Anthony Coleman said.

Henderson Police say the streets had 75 to 100 people who were popping fireworks within the city limits, which is illegal.

"Some of the individuals turned fireworks on the officers and stated firing fireworks at the patrol cars and at the officers," Henderson Police Lieutenant James Duke said.

According to the police, the crowd was shooting Roman candles, and artillery shells were thrown at officers. A Rusk County deputy and a resident received minor burns but did not seek medical attention.

Pyrotechnician Mike Adams says fireworks aimed at people are considered deadly weapons.

"A Roman candle, that's shooting a flaming ball out; if that ball hits you in the face, it's going to burn you with a third-degree burn," Adams said.

It isn't the first time this has happened in Rusk County. Lieutenant Dukes says last year someone placed a firework under a patrol unit, causing the hood of the car to explode.

"We ended up with no identified suspects leading to no charges being filled," Lt. Dukes said.

On Wednesday, officials say 17-year-old Tahj Walton and 20-year-old Tyresha Duffie were arrested and charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. Dukes says they are still searching for additional suspects.

"We are looking at anyone that can definitely confirm who was shooting at or in the direction of officers or the patrol cars," Lt. Dukes said.

Anyone with information or video from Wednesday night is asked to contact the Henderson Police Department.