Hallsville police investigator wants pot robbery suspects behind bars

Hallsville Police Investigator wants pot robbery suspects behind bars

HALLSVILLE, TX (KLTV) - A 911 call about a home invasion with shots fired turned into a marijuana bust.

It happened in the 500 block of East Main at the Village East Mobile Home Park in Hallsville around 6:30 Thursday night.

Hallsville police say the man selling the drugs was pistol-whipped by one of four men who tried to steal some of the pot.

Steven Nicholas Hutson was charged with felony possession of marijuana and booked into the Harrison County Jail. Hallsville Police Investigator David Burrows says apparently word had spread he was selling pot, and four men decided to take some of it.

"From what we're told, these guys, when they were popping off rounds, running away, they ran right past a group of kids," Burrows said.

Police say there are a lot of kids in the neighborhood. As the men ran away, they fired:

"About three or four from what we've been told, and at least one of the rounds hit a neighboring residence," Burrows stated.

Although there was someone home at that home, they weren't hit by gunfire. Burrows says as the men ran off they dropped something.

"We also saw a jar of marijuana on the ground where the suspects had ran," Burrows clarified.

Police began searching for suspects and went to the residence in question.

"Nobody answered the door at the residence but they did know there was somebody inside," Burrows said.

They didn't know if it was a suspect:

"Or possibly the homeowner had been shot," Burrows explained.

It turned out to be the uninjured homeowner.

"He finally opened the door for us. We could smell the marijuana," Burrows said.

Police got Hutson's permission to search and found several Mason jars of pot, about $2,200 cash and:

"He was making THC concentrate; extract using butane and also cooking it to where he could make possibly consumables," Burrows revealed.

Burrows said a few months earlier they arrested a juvenile for burglary when he was seen running from the residence where he had taken:

"THC suckers from it, so we'd seized a bag of those at that time," Burrows stated.

They had been watching the home for a while. Of course, as Burrows walked the area the next day, his big concern is the armed subjects who got away.

"Unfortunately we're still looking for those other four," Burrows told an area resident.

But Hutson had video surveillance and some of the crime was caught on camera.

Police say Hutson wasn't growing the pot, he was getting it from several places, including Colorado. That's also where the suckers came from.

Police also say they will be releasing pictures or video of the suspects when they get the surveillance. They have heard the weapon used may have been an AR-15.

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