Neighbor helps save people from burning home on Hwy. 64

Neighbor helps save people from burning home on Hwy. 64

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A fire burned a family home on Wednesday night along Highway 64 West, near the Tyler airport.

According to Smith County officials, a Fourth of July party was cut short after they received reports of a carport on fire around 8 p.m.

"I mean, once the house was fully engulfed in flames," neighbor Brandon Crocker said. "All the fireworks they had in the house started going off. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pow."

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Crocker was headed home when he saw smoke billowing from his neighbor's property.

"I parked the car and saw people kinda scattering, screaming, and running around," Crocker said.

That's when he jumped in to help.

"You know I asked, 'Is anyone in the house?' and she said 'no my son's in there,'" Crocker said. "And so I've got a little kid myself, so I just ran in."

Crocker says he helped lead the child and three other people out of the house.

"It was just kind of instinctive," Crocker said. "It wasn't something that I really thought about."

By the time everyone was out of the house, Crocker says that's when power lines came falling down.

"It just exploded everywhere," Crocker said. "I mean in 15 minutes, the whole house was engulfed in flames."

Homeowners, friends and family could do nothing but watch as 17 years of memories went up in flames.

"I'm watching these people just break down and cry, as they literally are powerless over the fact they are losing everything that they own," Crocker said.

Smith County officials are still investigating the fire and have not ruled out fireworks as a cause. There were no injuries reported, but the homeowners lost a dog in the fire.

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