BET: Hierarchy of sports may be changing in the U.S.

BET: Hierarchy of sports could be changing

(KLTV/KTRE) - Professional sports in America have always been big business. There is little doubt that will continue, but the hierarchy in professional sports may be changing.

It is hard not to have seen highlights or at least be aware of the World Cup soccer tournament taking place now in Russia. Even though the US team did not qualify, there has been growing interest in other teams as teams are eliminated and others have moved forward.

One key ingredient in the awareness and even the viewership success of the World Cup is that it continues for several weeks still so expect excitement to build. Conversely, the NFL is in a precarious position. A recent Texas Tribune – University of Texas poll of Texans shows a forty-seven percent unfavorable opinion ratings for the NFL. We all know the recent domestic abuse cases, the controversy with players kneeling and even the experience of the league in dealing with concussions in players that appear to have a detrimental impact starting in childhood. It is an uphill battle for the NFL.

Then there is Major League Baseball that has struggled for years to attract new fans with limited success. So, the popularity of professional sports is in flux and with NFL training camps starting within a month, this year will be a critical year. The pressure is on the league and on players to clean up their workspace and industry. Without that concerted effort, the future of football is in jeopardy and that is not a good thing as the World Cup comes around only once every four years.

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