First responders celebrate their freedom on the job

First responders celebrate their freedom on the job

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - While you're out popping fireworks with family and friends, first responders are celebrating their freedom on the job.

Chapel Hill firefighters started their own fire today as they waited for their next emergency call...for cooking burgers on the grill. While their family and friends celebrated the Fourth of July at home, these first responders made the best of a working holiday.

And while it sounds like fun, firefighter David Gerald says they are constantly on alert.

"We're always training or prepping ourselves to be ready for that time that it's somebody worst day or worst nightmare happening," Gerald says. "We can be there and hopefully take care of the situation really quick, and hopefully save a life."

The firefighters train most of the day while making sure they stay hydrated, to prepare for the worst.

"You're probably going to sweat out eight hours worth of hard labor in 15 minutes," Gerald says.

Unfortunately, on holidays like the Fourth of July, firefighters say their most common calls are firework related injuries.

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