Southwest Pines Apartments Does Not Need More Furniture

They're no longer in need of furniture for evacuees, thanks to the generosity of East Texans.

Two days ago, volunteers at Southwest Pines apartments in Tyler were on a mission to help evacuees settle in. They wanted to get them furniture and kitchen necessities. After our story aired, the volunteers got hundreds of calls from people wanting to help. Today, one family got their apartment fully furnished with beds, a couch and a kitchen table.

"We are quite comfortable now," said Patricia Luduff, New Orleans Evacuee. "Everything that they gave us is what you really need to live in a home and we have food, we have a place to sleep, it's all good."

The family says they want to thank New Zion Baptist Church for the furniture. Southwest Pines Apartments wants to thank the community for its support.

Molly Reuter, reporting.