Swings, slides reach 179 degrees at Smith County playground

Smith County playground equipment reaches 179 degrees

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - It's not news that it's hot, but fire officials believe it's important parents realize just how dangerous this heat can be.

The sound of skin sticking to hard, hot plastic is common in triple digit heat.

"Just that right there is 177, 178 degrees," Whitehouse fire fighter, Joe Nix says. "It's so hot, I've been sweating really bad."
The heat begins to radiate just before lunch time, turning a playground into an oven, before the afternoon hits. 

"Right there where the sun is shining on it, its 174 degrees," Nix says.

Whitehouse fire fighter Joe Nix says 120 degrees can cause 2nd degree burns and anything above 140 degrees will cause white, charred, 3rd degree skin lesions.

"Being out here with these temperatures, playing on the playground, it can be very dangerous," Nix says. "In the hottest part of the day, do not bring them out."

Nix says any equipment with hard plastic is what parents should look out for, especially equipment with dark colors and black rubber.

"I've actually seen a child get 2nd degree burns immediately after they sat in the black swing," Nix says.

Nix believes that if its hot to you, it's even hotter for your children's skin.

Fire officials say the best way to avoid injury is to touch the equipment with the back of your hand before your child plays on it.

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