Plans for Hiland Dairy Foods expansion moving forward

Plans for Hiland Dairy Foods expansion moving forward

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Plans for the expansion of a Tyler dairy plant are moving forward.

On July 7, The City of Tyler's planning and zoning commission approved a request from Hiland Dairy Foods Company LLC. The company requested that the commission recommend city council approve a road closure as a part of the Hiland Dairy Foods plant's expansion.

Barry Beaman, General Manager at Hiland Foods, says with the plant's increase will also come the need for new employees down the line.

The company is requesting to close an unpaved portion of East Locust Street in order to replat the right-of-way and combine the plant's properties to the north and south of the road.

Beaman, says the newly acquired space would be used as a fenced in area for additional parking.

"What we're trying to do here is double the size of the facility down the road in the next year to year and a half," says Beaman. "In order for us to do that we need extra parking, so we're hoping to move all of the cars over there and trucks while we do the expansion."

Hiland Dairy foods was founded in 1938, and operates 15 plants and 49 distribution centers across the country.

The planning and zoning commissions recommendation will go before the Tyler City Council on Wednesday July 11 for final approval.

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