A Family Reunites After Two Long Weeks

One man insisted he would not leave his New Orleans home without his three dogs, so he told his family to go on without him. His family ended up here in East Texas. He ended up in Nebraska. Today, a private jet brought the family back together, even the dogs.

Barbara Walker, her husband Lee, their daughter LeAnn and grandson Charles stayed in their house when the hurricane hit.

"We were in the attic from 11:00 a.m. until six o'clock that night until finally somebody came," said LeAnn Walker. The Walkers have three other family members, however, their three small dogs, and Lee Walker would not leave the house without them.

"My dad said I'm not leaving," said LeAnn. "You all go ahead and evacuate, but I'm not leaving." That was the last time they were all together.

"We thought he was dead because they said the water was contaminated," said Barbara Walker. Last Sunday LeAnn got a call from an American Red Cross volunteer in Nebraska saying her father was alive.

"She said I found your dad and I didn't believe her until she named all the dogs and she asked me how my son was doing," said LeAnn.

"I was very happy," said Barbara. "I didn't know what to do, cry or laugh. It was a shock." And after two long weeks apart, the Walker family would be together once again. Tears of joy could be seen on everyone's face, and the dogs were happy to.

Deb Grewcock met Lee in Nebraska. She found Lee's family for him.

"I went home on the Internet and somebody entered them on the red cross sight, which is a very good thing to do and I found them," said Grewcock, American Red Cross Volunteer. Deb then got her husbands' company jet to fly Lee and the dogs to Texas.

"It was wonderful," said Lee Walker. "I didn't think I was ever going to hear from them. Now we're all back together again. One big happy family."

The Walker family has been adopted by a family who lives just outside of Athens. They will be staying there until they find a home of their own.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com