East Texan's hobby reunites Robert E. Lee graduate with 1972 class ring

East Texan's hobby reunites Robert E Lee graduate with class ring

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - One man's search for treasure took another man decades back in time. And now the unlikely discovery has united two East Texas natives.

Nick Sweet spends most of his time searching. Along the many roads he's walked, metal detector in hand, he's made a few interesting discoveries.

"Everything I dig out of the ground I think, 'man this has a story," says Sweet. "Last May, I found a lady's wedding ring."

Sweet says what he dug up this week on South Donnybrook Drive in Tyler is one of his most meaningful finds yet.

After uncovering a Robert E. Lee High School class ring from 1972, Sweet did some more digging online and reached out on Facebook in a post that was shared over a thousand times.

"I'm a big advocate of if it's not mine so find the owner and do whatever you can," says Sweet.

As luck would have it, Travis Smith, the ring's rightful owner came across the post.

"I lost it 45 years ago, so you pretty much have given up all hope of ever finding it again," says Smith. "I find out that this guy finds it and it's just amazing to me, it's unbelievable almost."

Smith used to live in a duplex at the other end of the block where the ring was found.

"When I actually got to talk to him and just hear the excitement in his voice it just made me feel really good," says Smith "He says he's been back looking for it and just couldn't find it."

Smith has since moved to Florida, so Sweet will be handing the ring off to a family member that lives nearby, but the two men have already planned to meet next year when Smith comes back to Tyler for a visit.

More of Sweets East Texas discoveries can be found on his YouTube Channel, Sweet Finds with Nick Sweet.

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