TJC Hosts UNO Practice

While it may not be back to normal, at least it's back to work for the University of New Orleans mens basketball team. Having regrouped here in East Texas, enrolling at UT-Tyler last week, and practicing again this week. But with UT-Tyler's Patriot Center still dealing with hurricane victims, the Privateers were able to get some practice time in at Tyler Junior College this morning. Two seasons ago, UNO came within nine points of making it to the NCAA tournament. They have high hopes for this season under head coach Monte Towe, even if they still don't know where they will play their home games. Just practicing again is a step in the right direction.

"The morale, to me, is wonderful," said Towe. "Just the fact that they would all get back together. Only one player chose not to rejoin us, so we've got our whole group, really, intact. The fact that they want to get together and have a good season. I'm right here to help them."

Their first official practice is scheduled for November 14.

Kevin Berns reporting.