Evacuee Becomes Volunteer In Longview Shelter

Sharon Hribar of Mississippi won't let her own tragic situation, stop her from helping others. She attacks volunteer work like a full time job. After witnessing her boundless energy, you'd never call her a "victim" of hurricane Katrina.

"You're not helping yourself if your'e sitting around feeling sorry for yourself. If you can feel like you're accomplishing something even if its small you feel better about yourself and your situation" says Hribar.

"She came in and we immediately spotted her as one of those people with energy, she's well organized she's smart, Sharon embodies the selfless act" said National Red Cross representative David Ringler.

Though she's still unsure about the damage to her own Mississippi home, and she has no idea on when she'll be going home. She insists on helping those around her, making constant phone calls to help find them housing, money, clothing, or jobs.

"They walk up to the friendliest face they see wearing a red badge. Every day you sit there and talk to someone and your throat swells up and tears come to you eyes" she says.

Her motivation for helping others stems from how she says she was treated when she got to east Texas.

"The people of Longview have been amazing I can't even begin to say how wonderful they've been. The only way I could figure out to pay back is to help out" Sharon says.

Several other evacuees have volunteered since Hribar started the trend. 

Bob Hallmark reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com