East Texas Volunteers To Care For Displaced Louisiana Pets

A self-proclaimed pet lover, Christy Wooten is no stranger to taking in and fostering animals. On Friday she'll be responding to the helpless cries of pets who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina. "Basically just said we want to come and help and they said come on we need you," says Christy when she called the Louisiana expo center where pets are being housed.
Christy has rehabilitated pets before. She's keeping an abandoned Weimaraner who had mange, heartworms and was flea infested. With time she helped get him healthy and back on his feet. Right now about a thousand rescued animals in Louisiana need the same care. "To see that in mass quantity is going to be difficult," says Christy.
What hasn't been too hard is the support she's received from her friends, neighbors even strangers in the East Texas community. "One of the customers just happened to be standing there while I was handing a flyer to the owner, she's like 'Oh let me write you a check!'," says Christy. While money will help buy needed crates and other pet supplies she'll take along with her, Christy knows money can't buy the love to care for and rescue so many animals. "We've done stuff for the people who are living here, I've taken donations, helped at churches but the animals are where my heart really is."
Christy will leave for Louisiana on Friday with another volunteer. She says pictures of pets will be listed on petfinder.com, in hopes of reuniting them with their owners.

Christine Nelson reporting. cnelson@kltv.com