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Pineywoods Little League Play Big Time Ball


When Pineywoods 12 and U played Lufkin in a rematch recently, it was for a trip to Sectionals in San Antonio.  Lufkin last year played Japan for the World Series, beating Michigan for the US series championship.  Granted many of those players are no loner on the team and this is a new Lufkin product.  But they wrote the book and set the tone for little league not just in east Texas, but the whole state.  Now Pineywoods whose coach Tim Truman hopes his team can follow the foot steps or base paths set by Lufkin.  And for his guys to beat a team like Lufkin says a lot about their desire, the same desire that landed Lufkin in the World Series.  On July 4th, Pineywoods will play a team out of Austin, just another step towards a possible championship.

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