Timberline Baptist Camps Needs Help With Transportation

A shelter in Lindale is still in need of volunteers. They're needed to help the evacuees make East Texas home. Many say they want to find an apartment, and need to go to the doctor, the need of transportation is standing in their way.

"We mainly need housing you know," said Elizabeth Watson, New Orleans Evacuee. "We're trying to find somewhere to live." Evacuees at Timberline Baptist Camp in Lindale say they appreciate the care they've received while they're here, but it's time to move on. Right now, more than 100 evacuees all have places they need to go.

"We need people that can run them down to the red cross and sign them up for that, or FEMA to pick up their checks," said Doug Crawford, camp Administrator. "Some of their checks are coming in at the post office and they need to sign for those checks now." Crawford says so far the volunteers have been great, but he doesn't want to overwork them.

"I think we're taping out the ones we have," said Crawford. "I don't want to overload the list we have." And the more help they can get, Crawford says the faster every family can find a new place to live.

"That is our goal is to get them a stable family situation rather than in a dormitory situation, which we have them," said Crawdord.

If you would like to help drive evacuees around, call the Smith Baptist Association at (903) 581-6139. The administrator says volunteers are most needed in the morning.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com