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Deadly Attack In Shiite Neighborhood

Baghdad was a war zone this morning. The most deadly attack was in the Shiite neighborhood of Khadmiya, in an area where day-laborers go to find work.

A man in a mini van started offering people jobs to draw them close, then he set off his bomb, killing more than 100 people. It was just one of many.

A United States convoy was attacked as it passed through a tunnel. Two U.S. servicemen were injured. Yet another suicide bomb targeting Iraqi police officers killed at least two people and injured many more.

"My brother was hit in his head and my neighbor was killed (by the car bomb)," said a witness.

The hospitals were overflowing with the dead and injured.

Dr. Qais Abdul-wahab al-Bustani said, "We received about 75 cases of injured persons and about 47 cadavers, 47 killed persons. All of them male persons."

The group calling itself Al Qaeda in Iraq, led by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, claimed credit for the attacks-- saying it is a nationwide campaign in retaliation for U.S. and Iraqi offensive in the northwestern city of Tal Afer.

The Iraqi government finally put the finishing touches on the constitution today. The country will hold a referendum in just one month. The U.S. military says it only expects violence to grow until then.

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