Better East Texas: Robert E. Lee name change tabled by school board

(KLTV) - The Tyler Independent School District Board moved to table the vote on the potential name change of Robert E Lee High School.  But they will most likely, eventually, have to vote.

Speakers from the community at the recent board meeting spoke on both sides, with most using emotional rationale as the basis of their opinion.  Without a doubt, people will be offended if the name is changed, and people will be offended if the name remains intact. The school board members didn't overtly say it, but the communication is that they are asking the two sides to come together with someone presenting a compromise or alternative option that all sides can embrace in the spirit of working out a solution in the community.

For the most part there has been no credible option.

So, will those two sides with the informal leaders decide to work together or will they just dig in with the attitude that it is my way or the highway?  I have confidence common ground can be found that preserves the identity of Robert E. Lee High School while admitting that times have changed.  And, honestly, something should be done to preserve the memory and identity of Emmett J. Scott High School. The school board will address this somehow, but the window is open now for people to try to come together for a solution.

It doesn't need to be a media event.  It should happen around a single table with a committed purpose of reaching a compromise.  Otherwise, a vote needs to and will take place and divisions will still exist, no matter the outcome.

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