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Does It Work-3/21/06

Shark Turbo Hand Vac: "Does It Work?'

Sometimes good things come in small packages. Such is the claim with this week's "Does It Work?" product. Tonight we put the little Shark Turbo Hand Vac, to the "Does It Work?" test.

Right there on the box it says, "Same suction as a full sized vac!" It's a big claim. And it's the one that prompted us to put this 700 watt little vac to the test. You get two attachments, a hose, shoulder strap and of course, the Shark itself. We spread out two lines of garbage. Some coffee grounds, dirt, pencil shavings and cereal. The full sized, upright Hoover vac went first. It sucked up most of the stuff, but spread a lot of it around, actually. It was particularly ineffective with the dirt and coffee grounds.

The Shark Hand Vac went through the same stuff in one pass. It had a little trouble with the cereal, but only because the suction was so strong, it tried to pull in all the cereal at once. The looped type cereal sometimes got clogged up in the mouth of the Shark... break it up first, and it sucked it up quickly and efficiently. Lots of stuff, but the little Shark still had room to pull up everything the Hoover left behind.

Does It Work? We give it a "yes." The Shark Turbo Hand Vac is a corded appliance.

It was $19.99 at Tyler's Bed, Bath and Beyond.

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