Josey Ranch clinic brings barrel racers from across U.S.

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - Anyone who is in rodeo knows about Josey Ranch.

Martha and R.E. Josey have been teaching roping and barrel racing for more than 50 years. They are holding a series of camps this summer at their arena on Highway 43 between Marshall and Karnak.

Every summer hundreds of students ride on into the Josey Ranch Arena to see just how good Martha and R.E. Josey can make them.

"They learn everything from going slow; back to the basics, how to go slow, how to practice just like an Olympic athlete. You've got to practice and take the time. They learn how to take care of their horse, how to feed their horse, the correct equipment; everything," Martha said.

And parents don't just drop them off and leave.

"The families stay here with the kids. A lot of them are staying in motels, a lot of them are camping out on the grounds.

Martha says she rarely has to get after the kids about anything.

"And what you won't see here is a lot of bad kids or cussing or anything because they love their horses. They've got a passion," Martha revealed.

The students tend to be kids and older kids.

"In fact right now we've got three generations here that are riding," Martha stated.

And there are always repeaters like Irish born Giustina Macari who lives in Brazil who has been back so many times she's instructing this week.

"I'm actually learning a lot. Even though I'm on the ground I'm still a student," Macari said.

She says helping other riders while she's not on a horse also helps her, just by observing.

So the clinic is more than just riding around in tight circles, it's improvement, it's helping each other, it's family and an attitude.

"East Texas is what it's all about," Martha added.

Maybe throwing East Texas into the mix is what's producing national champions.

The clinic is over, but starts up again next Sunday and goes all week. Martha says if you want to watch, come on down. It's free to the public.

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