Man jailed in Smith County, charged with vandalism of 2 Brookshire's buildings

Man jailed in Smith County, charged with vandalism of 2 Brookshire's buildings
David Chase Padgett (Source: Smith County judicial records)

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A man is in the Smith County jail, charged in connection to graffiti found on the walls of two separate Brookshire's stores.

David Chase Padgett, 24, was arrested and charged with Graffiti Pecuniary Loss after he reportedly spray painted graffiti on the side of a Brookshire's in Flint, and another in Chandler.

According to the arrest warrant affidavit, the incident occurred on March 9, 2018. A Smith County deputy responded to a report of graffiti at the Brookshire's on the 20100 block of Highway 155 South in Flint. The deputy observed several markings, all done in red spray paint, on the exterior walls of the building, including a diamond with a dot in the middle and the name "Breez."

While watching the the camera footage, the deputy noted he observed a white male get out of a silver colored sport utility vehicle and cause the damage, as stated in the the arrest affidavit. The deputy got the license plate number of the suspected vehicle from a witness. According the arrest affidavit, the vehicle belonged to a man from Austin, Texas. When police contacted the man, he told them that he had allowed a friend, who he called "Chase," to use the car, but he had not heard from him for a week.

During the investigation, the Chandler Police Department reached out to the Sheriff's Office and reported that a Brookshire's in Chandler had been damaged by graffiti on the same day as the primary incident. The affidavit states that investigators connected the two incidents after pictures of the markings found on the Brookshire's in Chandler matched those of the Brookshire's in Flint.

Investigators identified the suspect as David Padgett after a system check of the suspected vehicle revealed that it had been pulled over that same day for speeding in Brownsboro. According to the arrest affidavit, investigators reached out to a family member of Padgett who confirmed that he went by "Chase Breez" and did like to "draw on things."

Padgett was arrested and booked into the Smith County Jail on $100,000 bond.

According the affidavit, the manager of the Brookshire's in Flint said that the cost to repair the damage would cost approximately $4,000.

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