City of Tyler flushes fire hydrants

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - The City of Tyler is performing its annual flushing of the water distribution system, leaving several open fire hydrants around town.

"It's water system maintenance primarily when you're seeing [...] our crews out flushing," Tyler Water Utilities Systems Manager Kate Dietz said. "We flush dead end mains on a regular basis, it is a typical and great tool for maintaining the water quality in the distribution system."

Flushing the water system cleans out built up mineral sediment in the water lines and clears out water that has been sitting for too long.

"When I say dead end main, I'm talking about the lines that run through a neighborhood may not loop back into the distribution system, so we flush that line to bring in the fresh water into that neighborhood," she said.

Dietz said the open hydrants ultimately help the community by improving the water quality. But employees at Brady's Coffee shop said it's causing a problem.

"So for our espresso machine, within the machine itself there are various tubes that run on pressure and so if the tubes are too wide or too small because of the pressure, it really affects the pull of the espresso," employee Erin Emmert said. "So if the espresso is pulled too low, which is what's happening right now because of the pressure, we have to throw out those shots."

But Emmert said she understands this is a temporary inconvenience.

Dietz said while the city is flushing the system, residents should check for any water discoloration. If you notice any dark water let your line run before doing laundry.

"Check it before you do laundry [...] there's potential that some of that sediment will get stirred up in the line and so you just want to check it before you do laundry," she said.

Dietz said she wants community members to know there are no health concern associated with flushing the water system.

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