Gift of Love: Christopher

Gift of Love: Christopher

(KLTV) - It was a afternoon of full fun for Christopher and me while we put our bowling skills to the test.
Let's just say Christopher's athletic side came out and I lost by a long shot! Christopher says he loves being active and playing sports. He hopes to play for Texas A&M some day but his aspirations don't stop there!

"Football. I don't have a position I just play and the Redskins," Christopher said.

When he's not outside, this 8th grader enjoys playing chess, reading, bowling, shopping and playing video games.

"Call of Duty and Halo," Christopher said.

While on the quiet side, Christopher is kind, thoughtful and respectful. He loves and yearns for attention. Christopher has a younger sister that is adopted that he would like to keep in touch with.

This 14 year old looks forward to finding a forever family that can help guide him through the rest of childhood.

"I want two brothers. I want younger brother and I want to be in the middle and one older," Christopher said.

And he hopes to have lots of family time with his new parents and siblings.

"Movie night, game night, sports. Playing football and basketball," Christopher said.

A family that can show Christopher the Gift of Love.

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