Better East Texas: Samantha Bee, Roseanne, and vulgarity in media

(KLTV) - There is an on-going discussion on decency in the media since the disintegration of Roseanne's hit show and the swift cancellation by ABC.  On the heels of Roseanne, we have talk show host Samantha Bee who has a program on the cable channel TBS.

While Bee's audience is a whisper compared to Roseanne's audience, vulgarity is vulgarity. Recently, Bee used a horrible comment to described President Trump's daughter Ivanka. It was not a response to something Ivanka said or did, it was an out-of-the-blue attack and it was inappropriate. Bee used the vulgarity in her opening monologue, so it was delivered to viewers of her show, Full Frontal.

In contrast, Roseanne's comments, while equally offensive, were on Twitter.  But Samantha Bee essentially got a pass and gets to continue with her show.  She should be fired. It will take network decision makers making the financially tough but morally right decision to end the tolerance of media commenters that use this type of language, especially in a program setting that goes out to viewers. If not, we will have more and more shock-jock actions and any decency that may be left will be run over.

Comments like Bee's are indecent and an apology from her and even TBS are not enough to discourage similar actions by any person regardless of political affiliation.  We have to define what is acceptable and not acceptable in this new politically charged national environment and assign more than lip service consequences when someone ignores decency.  If we don't, the ideal of respect for our fellow man will erode and rot.  

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