East Texas man nearly hit by object from the sky

HOPKINS COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - What goes up must come down, and an East Texas man was nearly in the way of something coming down. Over the weekend a Hopkins County man says a piece of metal fell from the sky and nearly hit him.

We were told the object made its entrance with a bang.

"BANG!" Warren D. "Buddy" Gore said as he pounded the side of his metal dog kennel with a stick.

"It was louder than that," he said.

Gore said something hit the roof of his dog kennel on June 10.

"It sounded like a truck tire blowing out. It was that loud, I mean, that's one thing that really got my curiosity up: the sound of it. Just as I turned that corner, this thing came over the golf cart and hit about two or three foot from the golf cart," Buddy said.

Buddy thought that it was just a piece of bark from the tree that he heard the object fly through before it hit the roof.

"I knew that wasn't it. I was looking for something about the size of a basketball," Buddy stated. "It was strange."

So he looked around and even climbed atop the dog kennel.

"Couldn't find no damage," Buddy said with a smile.

Finally he looked for the small thing that sailed over the golf cart and found what looked like a cable anchor with cable hanging off it.

"I've seen some characteristics of a part that I've worked with before on an aircraft," Buddy revealed.

Like its color and the way the cotter pin is bent, a trick he picked up:

"Working with some of the servicemen out at the aircraft plant," Buddy explained.

Yes, Buddy says he has worked on horseback in rodeos and on airplanes for Raytheon E-Systems in Greenville, but he can't understand how a small piece of metal could make such a big bang unless it had a lot of velocity behind it, maybe like it was:

"Trash. Trash from space," Buddy grinned.

But he says the rust on the object would need air to form, and there's splintered wood attached. I'm pretty sure even early satellites were past the wood stage.

But as for his Facebook posts:

"Well it gave us something else to talk about besides our doctor appointments and what kind of meds we're taking," Buddy added.

So it's still a mystery, but Buddy's big bang has garnered a whole bunch of theories.

Buddy said his neighbor has been clearing a lot next door, but wasn't doing any cutting when the object came down. So far there is no explanation of where the object came from.

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