Mail carrier receives helping hand after violent car crash

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - A beloved East Texas mail carrier lost both legs in a violent car crash in April.

Nathan Davis has spent over 50 days in the hospital already, and is facing overwhelming medical expenses. Now the community has rallied behind him to help out.

"Obviously, we are very thankful," father Norman Davis said.

East Texans doing what they know best: coming together to support a friend in need.

"It's what God calls us to do," family friend Sue Johnson said. "To support one another and to be there for one another."

With visitors from Tennessee, Colorado, Louisiana and, of course, right here in East Texas, the Antioch Baptist Church hall was full.

"If I told Alice I'd be here, I was going to be here," family friend Shelly Smyth said.

In April, Davis's mail carrier vehicle was totaled after he hit a tree going 60 miles an hour outside in Lone Star.

"I couldn't imagine what all he's going through," visitor Susan Holmes said. "All the surgeries and everything, it just broke my heart."

His story being heard far and wide, even those who didn't know Davis personally just want to be there for him.

"We just thought we wanted to help out and that's just something you do as a Christian," Holmes said.

Guests enjoyed a homemade plate of barbecue and were able to bid on dozens of donated items from all around the community in a silent auction. But Davis's aunt says it's nothing compared to the support their family is receiving.

"You know, everyone can say they are a friend, they can say 'I pray for you,'" Alice Wright said. "However, the people that really do come out and support you, you just have a very warm spot in your heart for them."

"It shows Nathan that there's a lot of people that care," Davis said.

Since Nathan Davis's accident, family and friends have hosted numerous fundraisers to help compensate for his medical expenses.

The family says they are going to keep holding fundraisers as long as the community is willing to help. As for Nathan, he says he's not going to give up anytime soon.

"That's the way he is," Norman Davis said. "He's not going to give up and we;re not going to give up on him, and these guys are not going to give up on him either. And I'm so thankful for that."

No word when Nathan will be released from the hospital.

If you would like to help the Davis family with their medical expenses, visit their GoFundMe page.

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