President Bush Visits Devastated Areas

As polls show him suffering a big loss of public confidence, President Bush is making his third trip to the hurricane disaster zone today. President Bush witnessed the steady work being done to wring the water out of New Orleans and to recover normality.

President Bush is reviewing what is the ravaged city of New Orleans and what is needed for the city to come back to life. Pumps are draining water inch by inch as military police try to get the holdouts to give in and get out.

There are real signs of progress: a commercial port is reopening, commercial flights are resuming at the airport and the french quarter famous for its bars is again on tap.

Jerry Hauer, former emergency management official said, "What troubles me the most is the fact that they knew the potential impact and they did not use every resource humanly possible to get people out of the ci

"More than 1,200 children are still hoping to find their families," said John Reed from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children."Some of them don't know their parents' name other than mom and dad. Or may not even know their own last name and so we're putting pictures on the web page and we may have a first name or we may no

In all the chaos, such separations were hard to predict. Many are hoping they will be easier to remedy.