Cow defies laws of gravity, climbs rock wall

Cow defies laws of gravity, climbs rock wall

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - "Cows can fly over the moon, jump over the moon. Why can't they climb a wall?" asks Shawn Wilson, co-owner of the Tyler Rock Gym, just as the Chick-fil-A cow provides an answer to the question.

It happened during an event for kids at the rock gym, hosted by the Salvation Army. According to the Tyler Rock Gym, Chick-fil-A was catering the event, and apparently, the cow was inspired by the gym. Before they knew it, the the Chick-fil-A cow was getting strapped in and climbing up the rock wall.

The cow, safely tied in, proceeds to defy the odds and climbs up one of the walls at the gym. Cheered on by enthusiastic kids, the cow struggles but eventually is victorious in reaching the top of the wall.

With rock climbing now part of its repertoire of skills, what new hobby might the Chick-fil-A cow pursue next?

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