Bush To Get First-Hand Look At New Orleans Damage

President Bush is waking up in New Orleans this morning.  The President will get his first up-close look at the streets of New Orleans, flooded nearly two weeks ago after levees protecting the city broke.

New Orleans keeps taking baby steps toward recovery. The main wastewater treatment facility could be running later today and dozens of pumps continue to slowly drain the flooded city.

Officials say the latest aerial scans show it's about 50 percent flooded, down from 80 percent at the height of the disaster. Mayor Ray Nagin refuses to say when all the floodwaters will be gone.

Recovery teams continue to find bodies but the final count is likely to be far lower than officials first feared.

At least 197 are known dead. Sunday, a number of bodies were pulled from one flooded hospital. It's not clear if they were patients, staff, or both.