Fired East Texas deputy stands by actions after social media rant

Keon Mack (Source: Go Fund Me.)
Keon Mack (Source: Go Fund Me.)

HENDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas deputy has been fired after his rant went viral on social media.

In the video, he used explicit language as he described the difficulties associated with working as a law enforcement officer.

Despite being terminated, former Henderson County Sheriff's Office Deputy Keon Mack says he stands by his actions.

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In the video, which has now been shared thousands of times, Mack is seen in uniform in his patrol car before heading in for a long shift. "Everybody want to say f*** the, f*** you," Mack says. "Let me get viral so I can put this two weeks notice in."

After posting the video on Instagram, he didn't have to put in that notice. The sheriff's office terminated Mack's employment last week.

"A lot of folks said it would have been OK if you didn't post the video in uniform," Mack says. "But I feel as though there wouldn't be the same effect if I was out of uniform."

Mack says although the video has received backlash, his intention was to spread a serious message.

"There is so much disconnect between the community and police," Mack says. "Even though I took a humorous aspect on it, what I wanted to put out there was, 'You need us just like we need you.'"

Henderson County Sheriff Botie Hillhouse said Mack was let go due to policy violations, saying the 'unprofessionalism' that Mack showed on the video is something 'he just cannot tolerate.'

Whether or not the humor in Mack's message was apparent, he says he's hoping people will take something away from it.

"All cops aren't bad; there's been a lot of bad light shed on cops, but there are a lot of cops out there who are willing and wanting to help you," Mack says. "We're just people, just like you."

Mack says going forward, he hopes to pursue a career in comedy and plans to bridge the gap between humor and real-life events.

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