Ballet West ballerina returns to Longview to teach next generation

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - The Longview Ballet has produced some pretty big performers over the years and one of them has come home for a visit.

Beckanne Sisk decided to share some of what she has learned as a professional ballerina at Ballet West with students at the ballet school where she got her start.

Studio of Creative Arts founder Pat George Mitchell is very proud of her former student Beckanne Sisk, who is now a principal artist for Ballet West. She started with Pat when she was much smaller.

"I mean I couldn't even touch the bar when I started," Sisk said.

And now she can do so much more than just touch the bar. She can even teach the things she's learned too.

"She wanted to come and take some classes and I said how about you teach some classes instead of taking from me. So she said I'd love to do that," Mitchell said.

Beckanne's trip is not all ballet. She has family and friends in the area she was visiting.

"I had to stop by and see Miss Mitchell; come back to my roots, and I wanted to teach some classes and see the girls she's got now," Sisk said.

And she believes some of the students may have a future in Ballet.

"A lot of talent here," Sisk observed, "It's got to be in the water."

"Growing up when you were these guys age did you expect anything like this to happen?" I asked Beckanne.

Beckanne says that when she was young, she never expected that she would be in the position she is in today.

"I had dreams of course, but I never realized that it would become a reality. I just want them to know that it's fun.' Like ballet is very hard, and you have to work hard and you're always striving for perfection, but there is a lot of joy. And you can have fun working hard," Sisk stated.

"I just want to inspire them and let everyone know that it is possible to do what you want whether it is being a ballet dancer or what, but you should always follow your passion," Sisk added.

So she wants to teach the students that perfect form and dreams are attainable if you can for reach that bar.

Beckanne Sisk is teaching the students a three day mini-camp and will also spend time with family and friends. Pat George Mitchell says she has had about ten students go on to be professional ballet performers.

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