Harrison County officials recapture escapee; arrest his mother for hindering apprehension

Harrison County officials recapture escapee; arrest his mother for hindering apprehension
Donna Slinkard (Source: Harrison County Sheriff's Office)
Donna Slinkard (Source: Harrison County Sheriff's Office)

Harrison County authorities have recaptured a prisoner who slipped out of the jail Saturday night, launching a three-day manhunt.

Gary Gorman had been assigned to an inside jail worker's position at the time of his escape. He was helping with the trash and managed to walk out of the jail with a group of inmates who were authorized to leave, according to Lt. Jay Webb.

A witness called the sheriff's office early Tuesday morning to report seeing Gorman at a home in the Woodlawn area of Harrison County, off of Lee Island Road and Farm-to-Market 1997. When deputies arrived to investigate, they found the vehicle they believe was used during the initial escape.

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Webb said several departments of law enforcement worked together to close a perimeter around the area. Gorman was not inside the home he was reported in; instead, authorities found him hiding in brush. He was spotted by a helicopter dispatched by the Department of Public Safety.

Webb said Gorman tried to run from the chopper, but all the while, pilots directed fellow officers on the ground to where he was running. He was eventually tackled by a Harrison County deputy and held until backup arrived.

Gorman will now be charged with a first-degree felony escape charge. Gorman's mother, Donna Slinkard, 58, has also been taken into custody. She's charged with felony hindering apprehension. Authorities believe she helped her son escape, and hid him inside her home at various times while he was on the run.

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Webb noted that Harrison County deputies were assisted by Sheriff David McKnight, of Marion County, several Marion County deputies, Shreveport Fire and Rescue K-9 teams, Marshall DPS Troopers, and Texas DPS Helicopter Operations.

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